VEID is a VEIL technology platform by which consumer devices can be triggered to perform a specified action from the television.  This magical power to enable devices to interact
with the television in real-time has been seized upon by many Fortune 100 companies
seeking a differentiated way to engage consumers and drive retail
sales through innovative promotional campaigns.

Making sense of advanced technologies

Engage today’s increasingly difficult to reach consumer

VEIL Technologies has made its mark in the world of advertising promotions. In the recent “Boonanza” down-under, VEIL was the power behind the Foster’s Brewing Company Australian advertising phenomenon named Boony. Featured during the summer cricket match, Boony, modeled and named after the famous Australian cricket player and implanted with a VEIL decoder, would talk back to the television broadcast working off of embedded signals in the broadcast.
The Boony figurines were given away at point of sale but could also be purchased separately. This campaign not only re-instated Foster’s as Australia’s choice beer, but sparked record earnings for the brewer, and brought television commercials “back to life” for a once-disenchanted viewing audience. Text doesn’t do this promotion justice.
  • Interactive promotions that will blow the roof off of mainstream advertising
  • Reach the consumer like never before…
  • Provide unparalleled results to clients by thinking outside of the box, and into the next era of technology