For the next two weeks, watching TV might just pay. Viewers of Fox KRBK in Springfield will have the chance to compete for $1,000 and other prizes as part of InTOUCHTV, an application for iPhone and iPad that launched Monday.The new app is the creation of VEIL Interactive, a St. Louis-based company that specializes in developing interactive technology for television. VEIL and KRBK are both owned by Koplar Communications.Paul Windisch, general manager of KRBK, said the app is the first of its kind. Springfield was chosen as a test site and VEIL hopes to eventually distribute the app across the country.



Play along throughout January to win $1000 cash!

Download the InTOUCHTV from iTunes for your iPhone or iPad. It can be found in the app store by searching for ‘InTOUCHTV Springfield’.

Beginning January 30, play along by responding to trivia questions on FOX KRBK. Points are accumulated in the app by answering the trivia questions correctly. Viewers may keep track of their points by visiting the leader board within the app.

Answering questions correctly will enable viewers to win points. The faster the answer the more points received.There will be many prizes from local Springfield places, with a grand prize of $1000 cash.

Don’t wait! Sign up for more information and download the app on your device now! iPhones, iPads, and iTouch devices are eligible to download. Tune in to FOX KRBK for more information or email