A unique combination of entrepreneurs, marketers and technologists with skill sets across computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and industrial design.

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Veil Interactive


Brands: Enhance effectiveness of experiential marketing stategies and drive POS promotions with measurable sales generation

Professional Sports Teams: Create interactive media assets to drive incremental revenue and bleeding edge marketing along with opt-in consumer data to improve overall sports property monetization efforts.

TV Networks: Enhance promotional strategies to drive tune-in, viewer engagement and revenue generation capabilities


VEIL Interactive Technologies got its start in the imagination of its founder, Edward J. “Ted” Koplar, in 1985, with the vision to create an entirely new experience to watch television. With his background in broadcasting, Koplar was inspired by Nolan Bushnell, best known for the Atari video game system, who used audio-based technology to develop optical-based interactive capabilities.

In 1987, Koplar commissioned Interactive Systems, Inc. (ISI) of Beaverton, Oregon to develop a way to communicate additional information through the television’s video signal. VEIL, (Video Encoded Invisible Light), was invented as a result of this pursuit.

The cartoon dynasty known as Voltron: Defender of the Universe which was a creation of Ted’s, hit the airwaves of his #1, privately held television station and eventually became a worldwide phenomenon. The thought was that it could change the way children watched TV if the cartoon could interact with the child. Ted’s company, World Events Productions, went on to produce Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs, which was the first to feature VEIL technology, allowing children to interact with the show using a handheld toy.

VEIL technology hit the consumer market in late fall, 2004. Mattel’s TV Activated Batmobile and Batlink Handheld Communicator was the first toy line using the technology. The toys allowed the user to interact with “The Batman” animated series from Warner Bros. The Batmobile was activated in-synch with what is taking place on-screen, and using the handheld communicator device, viewers could unlock new levels and capture villains and weapons from the show for use in later game play.

Since the debut of VEIL, other consumer brand partnerships have included Fosters Brewing Company and AT&T/Ericcson. VEIL is currently being used to conduct video verification across 210 DMAs for Kantar Media.

VEIL Interactive Technologies has been featured nationally and internationally in publications including the Wall Street Journal, US News & World Report, The New York Times, USA Today, Nikkei Marketing Journal (Japan), St. Louis Business Journal, Springfield News Leader and WIRED magazine.

VEIL Interactive Technologies is an affiliate of Koplar Communications International, Inc. and is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri.


VEIL Interactive Technologies offers competitive salary and benefits.

Job Title – Manager of Operations & Service

Location – St. Louis, MO

Start Date – Immediately

Compensation – TBD



VEIL is an Advanced Technology and Intellectual Property company that works with Brands, Agencies, TV Networks, Producers, Professional Sports Teams, Entertainment Venues, Consumer Device Manufacturers and others to provide them with technology tools to engage consumers in highly differentiated ways.

VEIL is entering a high-growth stage and is looking for a very entrepreneurial individual to work with the Director of Business Development to drive all aspects of scaling the business.  The individual needs to have entrepreneurial ambitions, a diverse skill set, strong drive, tireless work ethic, passion for transformative power of technology and be a team player who believes in the importance of company culture as a competitive advantage.

Job Description Overview

The ideal candidate is entrepreneurial minded with 3-4 years of experience wearing “multiple hats” in a high-growth environment.  Experience with emerging technology is a major plus as well as an advertising/marketing orientation.


Project Management

Manage internal and external process of building and delivering solutions on time and on budget

Business Affairs

Manage, track and reconcile all revenue, costs and contracts related to solutions work and product licensing fees

Client Service

Provide quality client facing service in an accurate, professional and timely manner

Product Management

Act as a liaison between VEIL’s technology and business development teams to align efforts and drive innovation

Swiss Army Knife

Proactively identify internal and external opportunities to enhance the business in any way


For immediate consideration, please forward your resume to:

Caitlin Mindel

email: Caitlin@koplar.com